Aqva Pura SPA

An exclusive service for those who want to live a moment of precious relaxation, to pamper themselves immersed in a relaxing emotional experience.

Sauna AQVA PURA SPA in Sorrento

60 / 80°C


This is the room where you can enjoy detoxifying heat baths. Inside the sauna, with wooden benches and soft lights, there are also hot stones which, when wet with water, release steam. The benefits of the classic sauna are well known by the Nordic peoples, and you too can enjoy them: from relaxation to improved sleep.

Warm / cold

Kneipp path

In the Kneipp path, special nozzles deliver water at different temperatures. Kneipp is a treatment that brings significant benefits to blood circulation, therefore better spraying of the organs, skin, nerve centres and stimulates and strengthens the immune system. With benefits that extend to the whole body and mind, giving feeling of total well-being.

Kneipp path AQUA PURA SPA in Sorrento Peninsula
Turkish bath AQUA PURA SPA in Massa Lubrense

Tea corner

Relax area

A refuge of well-being where, along the way, it is possible to stop to restore the balance of body fluids. At our tea corner you can sip a hot herbal tea or an herbal infusion with some snacks. All accompanied by relaxing music and sounds.

Water, lights & perfumes

Tropical / emotional shower

Its beneficial effects are many: thanks to the jets of water emitted at different temperatures and intensities, it invigorates and tones the body, improves circulation and decongests. While chromotherapy has a role of overall relaxation of the body and of the organs responsible for sensory reception. The emotional shower is certainly an essential stage of your wellness program in our SPA.

Tropical shower wellness center Aqva Pura Sorrento

Indoor heated pool

Let yourself be pampered by the relaxing power of the pool water heated to 32°C with hydromassage.

Turkish bath

An environment with 100% relative humidity to promote skin cleansing and purification, helps the respiratory tract, tones, relaxes and reduces stress.

Massage area

Area dedicated to massages that will immerse you in a world of pampering and sweetness where time will stop.

Our treatments

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation

reservation is required as access is exclusive

Price list

Wellness programs

  • Complete wellness program 90′ 40€
  • Turkish bath 30′ 15€
  • Heated whirlpool pool 30′ 30€
  • Sauna 30′ 30€
  • Wellness path and relaxation massage 30′ 60€


  • Relaxing massage 30′ 30€ / 50′ 60€
  • Decontracting massage 30′ 40€ / 50′ 75€
  • Lymphatic drainage massage 50′ 60€
  • Candle massage 30′ 35€ / 50′ 65€
  • Hand and foot massage 30′ 30€
  • Pregnancy massage 30′ 30€


  • Facial treatment 20€
  • Body exfoliation 35€
  • Seaweed mud 30€
  • Arms epilation 20€
  • Leg epilation 20€
  • Epilation of small areas 5€


contact us if you have other questions about the wellness center

What is the wellness center made up of?

The wellness area consists of:

  • swimming pool with hydromassage and cervical blade with a temperature of 32°C;
  • sauna with a temperature of 80°C;
  • Turkish bath with a temperature of 45°C;
  • Kneipp path;
  • emotional shower.

In addition, a relaxation area with a corner for tea and snacks.

Is a SPA kit provided and what does it include?

Yes, a wellness kit is provided which includes a large towel, bathrobe and slippers.

What should I bring from home?

The swimming suit only.

Will there be other people in the SPA?

Absolutely not, the SPA is for exclusive use only; during the duration of the booked treatment, no one else will be able to access the SPA.

When booking a room, is access to the SPA included?

No, access to the SPA is not included (unless expressly indicated in any package purchased), but it is possible to book itineraries and treatments from our treatment card. We recommend booking them in advance to have more availability of times.

Is there a parking?

Yes, the SPA has free private parking.

Is the hair cap mandatory?

The cap is not required, but it is advisable to tie up long hair with an elastic band.

How is the changing room equipped?

The changing room consists of a locker with key, showers with shower gel soap dispenser and hairdryer.

How is the payment made?

Payment is required upon arrival, before entering the wellness centre; for private events a deposit is required.

What are the opening hours of the SPA?

The SPA is open every day, but reservation is required.

Is it possible to purchase a gift card?

Yes, just contact us on +39 081 878 0655. The voucher is non-refundable, but can be transferred.

With which pathologies is access to the SPA not recommended?

We advise against the use of the wellness center in case of cardiovascular pathologies, hypotensive or hypertensive crises, serious hyperthyroidism pathologies, oncological diseases or chemotherapy treatments finished in the previous 6 months. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Is access to the SPA allowed during pregnancy?

Access to the SPA and treatments are possible from the 4th month until the end of the 7th month. Our staff will be available to recommend the most suitable treatments for the expectant mother and to provide the necessary information for using the wellness centre.